it's not lookin' good outside. it's cold today and i walked out the door with no socks on. i'm bundled up otherwise. it's been an ass-backwards day, lemme tell ya.

weekend haps: HOMEWORK! i've gotten behind in my writing class. i gotta somehow fit knitting into the mix too, cuz i've got custom orders to complete. still trying to figure out how to balance everything (especially with craft shows & midterms coming soon).

wondering what lil miss and i are going to do. she is starting to notice the seasons changing. with fall/winter comes the longer periods of darkness. when we left the house this morning she said, "mom it's not wake up time yet! it's still bedtime!" i couldn't agree more. she's battling pink eye at the moment. it has spread from one eye to the other. how can you explain pink eye to a four year old? "get your hands outta your eyes and go wash your hands!" has become a mantra of sorts.


i really need a pencil skirt in my life. a cute pair of boots would be nice too.

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