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this is one of the neckwarmer/cowl things i've been making lately. you can wear it like a hood or around your neck. it definitely keeps the ears warm.

so i'm feeling a little better these days. i'm working on building up my confidence...figuring out how to love me and all of my flaws.>

this month, i've had four sales off of my etsy site. two of those were for custom orders. i'm putting some crazy energy out into the universe to sell lots at two upcoming craft fairs. so much needs to be done in the next two weeks. i can't believe this month is over already.

must order more labels. gotta find mannequin heads to use for displays. and i most definitely need to smile more! i haven't had a good laugh in a couple of weeks. it seems like an eternity.

creator, guide and protect me during these trying times.

oh by the way...lil miss is feeling better. my favorite part of the day is hearing about what she ate for lunch and snack at school. she gets really excited about it.

i was tagged by cici to post 7 random things about me. i will do that later on tonite.

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TruEssence said...

Man I love all your neckwarmers!! Good to hear that lil miss is feeling better!:)

Reading what you said about loving your flaws makes me think of that old saying If you don't love yourself no one else will.