i don't know what i'd do without music. good, beat knockin, make your shoulders bounce in your ride, kind of music. thank you keyote for blessing me with your works.

i just bought sew u, a new book from built by wendy designer wendy mullin. i love it. so far, the instructions are easy to understand and she includes a lot of helpful tips AND three of her simplicity patterns. i have spent the week actively getting to know my sewing machine. i'm going to clean it up and oil it this weekend (i've had my machine 3 years and have never done that).

fall is in the air. i'm in the process of finishing all of my unfinished projects (4 baskets worth). it's going slower than i'd like, but i'm just happy to be working on them.

i'm off to eat some dinner. love.

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something mu said...

i feel you on the music thing. music is a part of my family's life. i make sure my children understand the importance of music to a culture, especially ours- how it helped/helps us to overcome our darkest hours, etc.

and speakin' of decluttering, who can tackle that without some good music pumpin' high??