i've started a zillion scarves since october. i haven't finished one of them. it's driving me nuts cuz i know they will just sit in my ufo basket until next winter. i was really hoping to have my lopi scarf done. it's a simple garter stitch scarf on size 13 needles. it's going have blocks of grass green and celery green throughout. it should b really cute once i'm done. once i'm done! arghhh! the parallelo is moving slower than i expected. i forgot that when i got stuck i had worked 35in of half fisherman's rib and b4 i can progress to the bind off and the right sleeve, my sweater has to measure 44in. i've been striving for that 44in mark for 3 or 4 days now. i'm going to lose it if i don't get there soon. i think have 4 more inches to go. i'm learning patience @ this point. i decided to take a break from selling stuff for a lil while. i've gotten burned out from all the crocheting. i wanna make stuff for me again. i wanna get outta this slump and b creative again. i'm lookin forward to my break. i really am. the site needs revamping. i gotta get my brains togetha and figure out what i wanna do w/ it. happy knitting (and crocheting) to you all!

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