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stress. it's a bitch!

i'm going back to school and it starts next monday. i'm registered and ready to go but have some financial aid issues to work out. *sigh* my kids are driving me crazy...lil miss is in this whining/bossy stage that i can't stand and babygirl? don't get me started with her. she's a teen. i'll leave it at that.

calgon, take me away. PLEASE!

i got my ravelry invite and it came right on time. since being apart of the community, my want need to knit has returned. i haven't done any knitting in quite some time and now i want to complete all of my unfinished projects. i'm 95% done with the minisweater/boobholder and i have a few more projects lined up after i'm done.

i realized last nite that i just have to knit. i do. it's the one thing that brings any sort of peace in my life. pictures to come in a week or so. a sista is without an internet connection at home. *sigh!!*

blessed love.

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