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did you know that september is national sewing month? i've decided to take advantage and work on my sewing skills during that time. i've had several projects lined up for quite some time now. i can't wait to start.

i've been thinking a lot about clothing (and overconsumption and how to spend less money, etc) and how disposable it's become over the years. it seems like i can't have a shirt that doesn't have a hole in it after a couple of washings. ridiculous i say! not to mention, unacceptable. i deserve to have clothing that is made well. my children deserve to have clothing that is made well. i really want to hone my sewing skills so i can make my own clothes. my mama did it for the longest (i have memories of this amazing dress she made for my preschool graduation. i gotta find the pictures). i recently hemmed some jeans i bought and felt so empowered! i feel like a million bucks everytime i wear them.

a dream project of mine: make a pair of jeans that fit me p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

i feel a social experiment coming on. i'll keep you posted.

enjoy your weekend. hug a loved one (or a random person on a street!).

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