while in ny i told mandara 'bout the vegan fox. she called me yesterday sayin she wanted one. i must admit that it's been on my mind too. i think making it will b a lot of fun. i gotta find the yarn for it. now i'm not really familiar w/ all of the knitting mags and the popular designers that are out there. but can i just say that lily chin's version of the fox is absolutely the most fucked up shit i've ever seen. is it supposed to b a fox? cuz it looks like a dead rat to me. what do u think? the cable scarf is coming along nicely. sakura's earflap hat is done. she probably won't b able to wear it until next winter, but hey, @ least she'll have it. i'm getting geared up to make my new arrival some things. thinkin 'bout tackling one of the blanket patterns in knitting for baby. the felted diaper bag looks tempting too.

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