the rainbow socks r finished! finally. it hasn't been cold enuff to make any hats or scarves. @ least that's my reasoning behind not making much of anything lately. where is the snow? i'm not complaining really. it's just weird. anyway, made a wool earflap hat on saturday. my sister sold two of my hats (she's in atlanta). i'm so excited 'bout that. she's also gotten the hat making bug, so she sold six of hers as well. she finally figured out how to download pics from her digi cam...can't wait to see her sweaters and skirts. what else is going on? thinkin 'bout what i wanna make my baby. a blanket for sure. oh, and a few hats. some booties too. lol. brother will b here in two weeks. i'm trying really hard to get his scarf finished.

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