denise has inspired me to make my own boa. playin w/ different yarns and textures is sumthin i seemed to have forgotten about. i'm finally using the gedifra carioca. i'm pairing that up w/ an eyelash yarn called casca. it has lil flecks of color throughout so it gives the boa a lil sumthin extra. the seed stitch sweater is comin along. i'm tryin hard not to think about how much more i have to go b4 i can start the back. i find i make a lil progress when i veg out in front of the tv for a while. so much to make, so little time. i've got some noro kureyon and silk garden i'd like to use. the silk garden was originally bought to b used for a scarf for my sister, but i scrapped that idea. so now i don't know what to make w/ it. denise and empress, i will b starting ur stuff next week. happy monday.

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Sue said...

I'm looking to purchase some of this
Gedifra carioca yarn. I am unable to find a supplier. Do you have any that you'd be willing to sell or know a business that may have some of this yarn?