okay, so this is me in the funky boa. i've gotten so many compliments on this. it's absolutely fabulous. the color alone will brighten up ur day. again, thank u denise! my dear, sweet brother will b here tomorrow. am i done w/ his scarf yet? no. i'll b workin my booty off during the next few days. tuesday, i started a scarf for a friend of mine. so far, it's knitting up really fast. i'm thankful for that. i'm using garnstudio's vivaldi and trendsetter's flora. it's beautiful. i wanna start on anutha sweater. i found out a lopi class will b offered next month. i'm excited 'bout that. also, i'll start on the parallelo sweater again. things should have slowed down a lil next month, so i'll b able to get some help on joining the body. i'm so close to finishing it. it's been so cold lately, all i've been thinkin 'bout is how warm the sweater will b. been feelin cardigans a lot lately. gotta find a cute and quick pattern for one.

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