it could happen to anyone

my truck was stolen today. i went out this morn to warm my truck up...started it and let it run for 15 minutes...unlocked...and someone jumped on the opportunity and drove off. sure, i shouldn't have left it unlocked, but the lock on the driver's side was broken. i don't think it's really settled in yet. i don't have that feeling of being violated, like i did when someone broke into my car a few years back and stole my knitting bag (i was hot!!). i don't know. i just pray my truck is found in one piece. it's crazy how shit happens.

it could be worse. i've been counting my blessings all day. i'm still able to smile. i found a pattern in the new knitty that has me excited to knit (i have to admit i haven't been excited about knitting lately). i decided to make my family members scarves for christmas. danica is going to my daddy. i was a little intimidated by the entrelac technique, but after making a couple of squares i'm relieved to find how easy it is. i'll post pictures of my progress.


Celtic Knitter said...

I'm very sorry to hear what happened to your truck. Do you have insurance? Will you be able to buy a new one with the money from insurance? That could be fun.

Your daughter is adorable!!!

PurlyQueen said...

Hi, I have never commented on your blog before, but I just wanted to sympathise with you and say how sorry I was that your truck was stolen. My car was stolen earlier this year - I came back to my car to see the thief sitting in it. It is a complete pain in the a** when it happens to you, but at least you or your loved ones were not injured.

SunshineMama said...

Oh no girl! I'm sorry to hear this..sounds like it's only been a lil more than 24 hours since this happened, but did they find it?