it's on i will b sharing a booth w/ sara @ tha girdwood forest fair. sara is this lovely lady i met 2yrs ago @ a kiosk in tha mall. she worked @ this cute store and sold her crocheted hemp stuff. i went nuts over a hemp bag she made several months ago. anywayz, her girl was @ tha last poetry show and said she was lookin for some ppl to share her booth w/. i gave her my card hoping she would pass it along to sara. she did! i've had to put my knitting down and start crocheting again. i'm excited. and as long as i've lived in anchorage, i've never been to tha forest fair. it should b fun. almost done w/ tha tam. i began work on a muffler for myself. i bought some reynolds lite.lopi in teal. i couldn't help myself. i just had to see how tha color would look against my bamboo needles. pics soon come. i still need to add tha neck/button bands on tha rambling rows baby sweater. i'm goin to make a hat to go w/ it. my biceps r gettin hella big. knitting is a good muscle toner. lol.

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