i've found myself readin tha crochet workbook a lot lately. seems like things i didn't quite get r clear to me now. that book has me lookin @ crochet differently. i'm inspired and want to go beyond tha basic stitches and rows. she's an inspiration as well. went to tha yarn store to buy some circular needles for my poncho project. tha pattern i have requires two different sized circular needles and boy let me tell ya, them thangs were expensive. disappointed, i left tha store empty handed. so back to tha drawing board. i really want a poncho for my plane ride to dc. i asked my sis for suggestions...i thought 'bout crochetin a ring big enuff to fit over my head and increasin from there, but her reply was, "don't do that, u'll look like a big doily." sandy @ tha yarn store says i can do it. I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO. i need to get busy cuz a sista is lost @ tha moment.

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