tha show was awesome! wiz shined and looked so beautiful. she didn't wear my hat *frown*, but i did get pictures of her in it *yay!* i decided not to finish my hat/bag in tha homespun. i onlee had one skein and tha store close to my apt. didn't have it in arcadian. so i went w/ tha red.orange hemp bag i made a few weeks ago. i sewed a lining in it and added a button. i'm so proud of it. a lot of times i don't add linings, buttons, etc bcuz it takes more time. i like to whip my stuff out. hats r fast and easy. but after seein what i can do w/ a bag, i think i will take tha time to add tha extras. oh, tha hat was black w/ tha hemp in tha top. my daddy gave me tha bestest present. tha better homes and garden's knitting/crochet/embroidery book. he is so awesome. a customer of his was givin away a lot of old books and he saw that one and thought i could use it. he doesn't realize how good he did. it was published in tha 70s! i luv stuff made in tha 70s! hell, i think i should've been a teenager in tha 70s. everything i've ever wondered 'bout crochet is in this book. it will become my bible. i luv my daddy!

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