listening to: miss you.bjork

i'm definitely feeling god's energy these days. everywhere i look i'm grateful for the opportunity to look upon his creation.

summer here has had a few false starts. the other day it was 75 degrees. my body was in shock from the heat (i hate being in a hot house), but i've been craving the high temps ever since. stop teasing me mother nature!

going to work is hard. i definitely need to find another career that will feed my soul. today's a day i wish i had my notebook.

i'm currently wishing i could spend the whole summer in d.c. i miss my friends.

new loves:
my salad spinner
roasted eggplant
bjork (i've been sleepin', i know)
black nail polish

may your day be filled with smiles.

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TruEssence said...

Stopping thru to say hello. Enjoy your summer! I am glad it's finally here! I love roasted eggplant too!