listening to: baby i'm a star.prince

hellloooo. i'm still alive. since my last post, i've managed to work on(and damn near complete) my yarn scrap afghan, and i've finished two 9 patch washcloths(scroll down a bit).

everything is blossoming. my tulips look fabulous. and lil miss is coming up on her fourth birthday. i gotta get some pictures on this mug.

happy thurday.

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funchilde said...

love the bluecableknit. v.v.hot, well figuratively, though it would probably be literally hot this time of year too...i digress...glad to read you are doing well (?) and listening to music. i JUST listened to the lily allen yall recommended. the first time through i was like "wtf?" but now that i am listenin' to the words...ish is hellafunny. still haven't found that amy winehouse bootleg, gotta get on it. anyway, happy almost officially summer! i'm back in the u.s.a.