listening to: some unholy war.amy winehouse

i'm blocked...again! there are several things going on in my life at the moment where i'm just exhausted emotionally and mentally. i can't help but think that as an artist i should be able to create regardless of what state i'm in. time and time again that idea has been proved wrong. i'll get thru this, but until then i guess i'm chillin.


Brittany said...

Someone once told me that as an artist, I'm supposed to take all of my everything -- my sadness, my joy, my dreams, my frustrations, everything -- and transform them into artwork. I never could seem to do that so don't worry, you are not alone....

And you're right, Amy Winehouse is off the charts ;)

knitphomaniac said...

It's fun and hard being creative ~ it's inspiring when you've got a great idea, and frustrating when you're going through a brain-fart for ideas.

Good luck in finding inspiration soon! :)