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every morning i wake up to my fugees cd playing. the funny thing is, i've been having crazy dreams w/ lauryn, wyclef, and even john forte in them. this morning, john was in my dream spittin his lyrics to me. i always wake up laughing.

anyhoo...hayfever has been kickin my ass this summer. all i want to do is breathe with no restriction and have eyes that aren't itchy. i look so crazy in the morning, but i've been having the best sleep ever. i found some natural remedies online that's supposed to help relieve the discomfort of it all. so far, so good. remedies include drinking chamomile and/or dandelion root tea (dandelion root tea cleans the liver), eating lots of dark leafy greens, getting lots of vitamin c and beta-carotene, don't consume sugar/dairy (which has been a little difficult). i've been a carrot juice making fool this past week. i've also been using a neti pot to cleanse my sinuses. it really works and i always feel so much better after using it.

speaking of juice...i am in love with my new jucier. i made my first green juice yesterday. it was made with kale, celery, and my one lonely apple. i had a little this morn and it wasn't bad. i know i will have to upgrade my juicer soon, because i can easily see me wearing it out before too long (making carrot juice stresses out the motor).

i feel empowered.

i'm selling my goods at the forest fair next weekend. i'll be spending four days in the woods with the mosquitoes, mud, and cottonwood (hay fever will be in overdrive!). i'm not much into camping, but i always have such a good time when i go to girdwood.

the sun is shining, the weather is awesome, AND it's friday!!! have a blessed day y'all.


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