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i'm having one of those days. the sun is shining and all i wanna do is get in my mumu and walk around my backyard barefoot. i'm trying my hand and gardening. container gardening to be exact. i didn't think about how expensive it'd be to buy flowers. so i started some from seeds. the first go 'round my herbs got roasted in the sun. then i planted some flowers and they started sprouting. my daddy knocked that pot over when he was cutting the grass. they seem to be doing okay, but we'll see.

i'm in this crazy nesting phase. doing my best to finally add some of my personality to my apartment. i've been living in this place almost three years and just started to feel at home there. i started with my bedroom by hanging up a tapestry and added some plants (they were moved from downstairs because they weren't getting enuff light). it's amazing how plants change the energy in a room. my room feels so different. more cozy and inviting. thiniking about making a duvet cover and pillow shams (using patterns from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing)

new loves:

my new juicer
being meat free (recently got back on the wagon)br> experimenting with new veggie recipes (vegweb rocks)
feeling more comfy in my skin


TruEssence said...

Sis we always end up on the same sites! I love the vegweb site! I have been a vegetarian for quite sometime, and I always get different recipes from that site! I will eventually start taking pics of my dishes and post them on there. I joined in March before that I would just lurk the site to get recipes. I added you to my buddy list. You got me wanting to do some cleaning, I really need to organize my kitchen cabinets!

TruEssence said...

I just sent you wave on vegweb.:)
I am Turkiya on there.