dude. i need a vacation.

i'm draggin ass this morning and it's probably because i haven't done any yoga in a few days. i finally got all of my paperwork for school turned in so i'm registered now (transferring to a new school). lil miss will be registered today. i hope she has a good day since she got four shots (two in each leg) yesterday. she's getting so big and soon she won't want me to walk her to class (ive been thru that with babygirl already. it was horrible).

for now, i'm going to get into the shower and dream about being on a tropical island. maybe that'll wake me up?


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Dream on girl !!! P.S. I love this blog !!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


Did you get that apartment? I've been sending out energy for you :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice straight from your mama - nothing like a mother's words :)
Have a wonderful night,

lady butta.fly said...


i did not get the apartment. but keep sending that energy because i know i will find something soon.