i've been a busy bee (well, it feels that way at least). i've been really feeling the nine month pregnancy thang. i can't sit long or else i catch a cramp in my ass or my legs and back stiffen up. *frown* i'm not a happy camper right now. i really can't wait for this lil girl to get here. i'm scheduled for a c-section on the 24th. lawd knows i can't wait!

currently working to get all of my projects/orders outta my apt by monday. after monday i'll be outta commission. i'm hoping i'll be able to knit a lil sumthin while i'm in the hospital. i'll bring my bag just in case.

over the weekend, i finished the kureyon rambling rows sweater and i started the first sleeve on the crossover back sweater.

that's it for now. a walk is needed.

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