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i have done the unthinkable. i temporarily moved back in with my folks. i'm very thankful that my parents have allowed me and the kid to crash in their home while i look for a new apartment. but being home is so strange and not only do i have to figure out a way to maintain our regular routine, but our routine has to mesh with my parents'routine.

i'm all moved though and i'm glad it's over (well, partly). one thing that was brought to my attention this weekend is that i gotta start exercising again. my body is so stiff and so sore, i could barely stand this morning. the sidewalks are clear of snow and ice so i'm going to start walking again on my lunch breaks. i need to stretch more than anything so i need to stick with daily a yoga routine.

i have a plan and the next thing i gotta do is get my shop full of new goodies. i will be knitting a lot during the next couple of months.

love & light

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