one of my favorite things this time of year is waking up to a sun flooded room. i cannot wait for spring. it was almost 50 degrees the other day and it almost fooled me into thinking that the warm weather was here to stay. of course, the next morning it was 29 degrees and snowing.

my apartment is beginning to look empty. it's a strange feeling. my body is so sore from packing and moving boxes out yesterday. i woke up feeling like i had been hit by a bus. i wish i could sleep all day on days like this (you know lil miss is not having that!).

i've got the knitting bug like crazy. my friend is expecting next month and i want to make her little boy some things. maybe some socks and a blanket. i had a blanket pattern in mind but of course that book is now packed. something will come to mind.

enjoy the day y'all.

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