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i found out on friday that i have to be outta my apartment by month's end. i was a little bummed by the news, but knew this day would come because my building's been up for sale for the last eight months. but really though, it's all a blessing. i've been looking at new apartments, but have my heart set on this new townhouse development near my parents' house. while it was being built, i would drive by it everyday and think how nice it would be to live there. last week, there was a 'now renting' sign up. it blew my mind because i just knew the houses would be going up for sale (they're REALLY nice). so i got an application and i'm turning it in today. please send up prayers for me.

with spring comes new beginnings. i'm looking forward to mine.

EDIT: i'm eligible for the apartment! now i have wait for my interview. i have been on the verge of tears all day (well, a lot lately). i've been thinking about all that i am grateful for...it's overwhelming (in a positive way).

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C Meir said...

Got my finger & toes crossed for ya. Hope you get it.