listening to: that hump.erykah badu

all i can think about is how i'm going to decorate my next apartment. yellow will be thrown in the mix somehow. and i cannot stop thinking about granny squares. either i will make some homey things with granny squares or i will go to a thrift store and buy some granny square blankets (i may do both). i just know i gotta have lots of color in this spot....gotta make it mine.

i have an appointment tomorrow to go over my application for the new spot. the process seems to be moving really fast. i pray

i'm dying to make some new stuff but can't simply because i'm going thru all of my junk and getting rid of what i don't need. my mama will be helping me on the weekends and my dad has his big truck ready to transport everything. my parents are so awesome. i appreciate them more and more with each passing day.

i explained to lil miss that we had to find a new house and of course she was not having it. but now everyday we come home, she says, "mom i thought we were going to our new house? this is our old house." cute, right?

i wish you all a fabulous day. peace.

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