...i had to reschedule the interview because lil miss came home with a fever last nite. i took her to the dr. this morn and found out she has a mild case of pneumonia in her left lung. that little girl has had a host of respiratory problems since she was six months old. while i, her mama cries at the thought of seeing her suffer, she's either laughing, singing, and sometimes dancing while i know she doesn't feel good. i don't know how she does it.

it's still cold, but i can't whine about it any longer. the folks in fairbanks (375 miles north from anchorage) currently has temps of -51 degrees.

i give thanks for my family, friends, and my bright eyed little girl.


SunshineMama said...

I just want you to know that I always make it a point to soak up some of this "glass half full" mentality that you have. It makes me feel good and serves as a huge reminder. -hk

Celtic Knitter said...

I hope "lil miss" feels better soon. I'd be so worried if I was a parent . . . its probably good that I don't have kids yet.

All the best!