she amazes me

one night, my sister got the idea to fast from television for 40 days. this is what came from that.

happy new year. since my last post i have had more car issues and i had a birthday. 31. wow. i'm still trippin. i was completely excited to reach 30. i think my thirties will be a time of discovery in my life. a sista is still on a quest to find herself. more importantly though, to kill all the demons that linger in the back of my mind. i'm tired y'all. tired of being afraid. yeah los, if you're reading this....i'm still dealing. well, i guess i haven't been dealing...avoiding is more like it. anyway, i'm ready now...ready to reach my full potential. i said a prayer for guidance last nite. on my way to work this morning, the truck in front of me had a license plate that said PRAYW8. i smiled to myself was like, "alright".


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Sincere said...

J, each and every single one of us deal with our own inner demons- constantly. many people think that demons can be removed, but that's a big misconception. you cannot remove them, however, they can be conquered-over and over and over.

keep dealing and never stop. when you stop that's when they conquer you.

I'm always here when you need me.