sew easy

one of my goals for the year is to finally learn how to sew. i've had a sewing machine for almost three years and have only used it to sew linings into my purses. i've always dreamt of making my own clothes and now i'm going to do it. to help with this new endeavor, i bought sew easy. the packaging got my attention. it's like a box that opens like a book. one side holds the book and the other side holds 12 project cards. i'm going to make the tote bag and a pillow. that should be easy, right? i went to joann's yesterday and almost lost my mind picking out the fabrics and getting the tools i needed. i told the cashier that sewing could easily be my next obsession. it's bad enough i have my own mini yarn store in my house. i'll have to start making room for fabric now. :o)

i'm feeling quite optimistic these days. i'm reading opening to spirit again. this time around i'm seeing things i didn't see before. since i'm also on a mission to work through my fear issues, i have applied for a job where if i get it, i would be doing something completely different from what i am doing now AND i would be making more money. i was a nervous wreck all last week (the job closed on friday) and kept talking myself out of it, but i did it. i've got so many ppl rallying behind me too. it's kinda sad that my family, friends, and coworkers see so much in my abilities and i don't. it's definitely time to change all of that.


SunshineMama said...

I'm so excited for you B! You know I wish you luck on the sewing thing. Remember, it's all trial and error and just be free, you'll be fine. Oh, and the pattern is not always right- sometimes you figure out a better way to get things done if you don't understand their wacky instructions (cause sometimes they're wacky). And I feel you on workin through the fear issues. This has been a recurring theme for me, right now it's like a billboard sign! Inspiring....

Celtic Knitter said...

I wish you the best of luck of the job! I'm in a job transition right now. I left a stable job to go back to school to train for a new job. So, I feel anxiety!!

I looked at the link to the book and it sounds fascinating. I would be interested to hear more.

Good luck on the sewing as well. I'm lousy at that. I can't even sew my knitting projects together very well. :)