it's still really cold. funny thing is, the temps have gone up a few degrees so instead of it being -10, it's -5 and i'm standing in the cold thinking, "hmmm, it's warmer today." lol wtf is that?

anyway lil miss is recovering well. my day started off crazy. i drank some really good chamomile tea and found i had slept so hard that i didn't hear the alarm go off. i woke up feeling hung over. lil miss had an 8am appt with her dr. and we didn't get out of the house until 8. i'm wondering what was in that tea. maybe i just needed the rest?

i have been knitting. i made indeed (picture below) a scarf like the one i made for my bro. i used the colors of chocolate, tan, oregano (a nice green), and a kureyon w/ the colors tan/brown/cream/lavendar. it's really nice. i think i have enuff to make a hat too. all i want to make these days are scarves. big, soft, cozy scarves long enuff to wrap up in. i've been getting a lot of use out of my seed stitch rebecca sweater. i can wear short sleeves under it and the cold air doesn't get through. there's something about the seed stitch that provides a barrier of sorts. gotta use that stitch more often.

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