it's crunch time!

i'm currently sitting in a computer lab at school taking a quick blogging break. my brain is fried yo! i'm still playing catch up with my essay writing. next semester, i will hunker down and get my damn work done. this shit ain't cool at all.

while working i realized i really need some fingerless mitts in my life. i'm sitting near the door and all of the cold air is rushing in. i can't type with cold hands, so i think i will make some over the weekend.

the craft fair was a success! i made eight flower skullies and sold all but one. now i gotta get my christmas gift making done. my dad is getting some socks and my bros and nephew are getting hats. i'm still figuring out what i'm making moms and sis. they'll be happy with anything i decide.

it's colder than a witch's titty outside (ha, my older friend's term). i need a new hat.

now back to essay writing...

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