i have survived my first semester of school!

i took my last final yesterday and i almost ran out of that building once i was finished. i feel so relieved. now i can focus on other things.

crocheting is my first love, but there is something about knitting that really grounds me. i don't know what it is really. i started knitting a hat in the round yesterday and it felt like coming home. i gotta find time to knit more.

last weekend, i reorganized my pantry and was horrified at the amount of plastic bags i have accumulated over the years (three to be exact). my mom wanted me to throw them away, but i told her i couldn't do that. i just can't. it drives me crazy to be driving and then see plastic bags caught on trees.

so, what should i do with them? cut them up and crochet reusuable shopping bags? make a rug? i will have to think about it for a while.

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