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the semester is coming close to the end. i'm behind in my writing class (still!), but after getting rave reviews on my latest essay, i'm fired up and ready to finish the rest of my work. i basically have 8 papers to write between now and next wednesday. luckily, they're all 5 paragraph essays, so it shouldn't take me long to complete.

my last craft fair of the season/year is this saturday. i've been buying display items and planning how i'm going to best use my space. if only i had the room in my apartment to do a "booth dress rehearsal". i'm not freaking out about it anymore, but i did have some crazy pre-show jitters last week.

i'm currently reading the artist's way (my third attempt). i've heard from other creative folks how much this book has benefitted them. my friend z and i are working thru it together. so far, so good. we're on week two. i've been contemplating what i'm doing for my artist date this week. lord knows i don't have much time to do any recreational sewing, but sewing kept popping up into my head. i want to start my builty by wendy dress. i've never cut out a pattern before and that's been holding me back all of this time. i'd really like to wear it on christmas day.

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