dear blog,

the clouds have cleared enough to let the sun shine through. he's already setting. soon it will be dark and i will be wishing to see the stars.

the weekend blessed me. blessed. me. i met the most beautiful women over the weekend. both are artists living off of their art. both are living full lives. both have left me thinking about my life, my dreams, my future. i will be 33 soon. things gotta change. that's all i know. i believe 2008 will be a huge year for me.

i've got visions dancing in my head. i wake up in the morning full of ideas. i can't contain them all. i guess it's time to put it all on paper (shoulda done that ages ago). it's time to start believing in my SELF.


petits bijoux said...

This post is really beautiful.

cici said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. It leaves me thinking as well. I haven't journaled in awhile and, so need to.

TruEssence said...

It's cool that you meet some wonderful women that inspired you! I love being around people who inspire me!I hope all your ideas come out the way you want them too! Have a beautiful weekend!

I agree with the Petits Bijoux beautiful post!:)

katrina said...

you have the potential (as u know) to go far. I've been reading since 2003 or 2004, and as i said before i'm already a fan. One thing u have is persistance.