remix 11/7

remix 11/7
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this is my outfit for today. i really love it...because 1. the majority of it i got from thrifting, and 2. i feel comfortable with my size.

since i began documenting my outfits, i've been more open to experimenting with different proportions. it's made me realize that i've put so many restrictions on myself without being aware of it.

i thrifted this skirt yesterday. i was so excited when i found it. it fits perfectly and came with a cute belt. i got the woven flats from ramona west on etsy (she sells vintage goods - the shoes are from the 70s).

five years ago i would've have thought this was an "old lady" outfit. but i see now that it comes down to fit and how i feel in an outfit. finding a good fit has been an issue for me for a while now and accepting my size has been another. i feel confident, sexy, and gosh darnit feminine ( i can't believe i said gosh darnit. lol).

it's a new day y'all.


TruEssence said...

You look great!
I love that skirt!:)
I go thrifting every weekend! I find it so relaxing and exciting at the same time!

Necia said...

You look great girl! In my opinion one always looks great when they feel great! Confidence exudes and conquers all!


Nettie said...

Your positive attitude shows in the pic. I hope you had a great day to match your mood!