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last nite, i made the super-easy cheesy no-boil lasagna from vegweb. WOW! talk about cheesy goodness! it was my first time using a tofurky product and i was pleased. even lil miss loved it. we will probably be eating this the whole weekend.

my first show is the 9th-11th. i gotta get crackin' on the knitting and crocheting. i still feel like there aren't enough hours in the day (with school added to the mix). i also need to get some more stuff added in the store. my goal for the month is to get 15 sales. gotta have product available to accomplish that goal.

i made the pledge to buy handmade this christmas season. i've been pretty much making my gifts for the last three years. but i will be buying some of the handmade gifts this time around. there are so many talented people on etsy, i gotta give some of them my support. i have to admit though, i've been a shopping fiend lately (etsy is da bomb!). it's just nice to have an outlet to get one of a kind, handmade, crafty goodness.

anyway, this weekend's activities will include doing some homework, knitting, crocheting, and taking lil miss to see the bee movie. i might do some thrifting too (something else i've (re)discovered).

enjoy the day!

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