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I have been tagged by cici

1. when i was in the second grade, i was runner up in a spelling bee. i mispelled the word MINSTREL. i still have my silver medal.

2. i heart barbara streisand. i haven't seen all of her movies, but don't let the owl and the pussy cat or funny face be on. i go into a zone and will completely ignore you while i'm watching it.

3. i do not like people touching any new magazines i've bought UNTIL i've read them first.

4. i'm left handed.

5. i like eating my popcorn with parmasean cheese sprinkled on it. i used to fold american cheese slices into little strips and then individually wrap them around my popcorn. i stopped doing it because it became too time consuming.

6. i looooove eating pineapple slices out of a can. i don't do it often, but i feel like a rebel when i do. my mom used to always yell at me when i did it at home. when i got my first apartment, i ate my pineapple in peace, in my own kitchen, at 2AM! ha! in your face ma'! lol.

7. i bite my nails. when i'm not biting my nails, i'm picking at my fingers. it's an obsessive compulsive thing. once i start, i can't stop. it's a nasy habit and i'm able to kick it every once in a while. it comes down to stress and anxiety and i can usually guage how stressed or anxious i am by how bad my fingers look. ha! i once i had a guy that was interested in me tell me (after looking at my hands) that he likes his woman to have nice looking hands. i wasn't interested in him and said, "well, i'm not the woman for you then."

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cici said...

hahha... that was cute... it is nice to know more about you. I could relate on the popcorn, but I just melted the cheese right on top.