my eyes are tired.

it's already august. where has the summer gone? i've been reflecting on my summer and honestly, it's been lackluster and downright sad.

i've got this feeling inside of me. like i'm about to explode. ya ever have that feeling where you want something so badly, that you feel like you'll burst if it doesn't happen? that's how i feel, but i just don't know how to make that feeling manifest itself.

friday night i was cleaning out my closet and found over a 100 hats that i've made over the last few years. i also found two bags of unfinished projects that need to be put in my shop. i started an afghan with all of my scraps about a year ago. it was suppose to be a housewarming gift to myself for getting the apartment i'm currently living in. i never came close to finishing it and just threw it in a box. so i rediscovered that during my cleaning spree too. i've been working on it all weekend and it's been a nice change of pace. i just crochet until the yarn is gone and then i change colors/textures. some rows have 3-4 colors in them. working on it has been freeing...a brain dump even.

have a blessed monday. peace.

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funchilde said...

yes, i Abhor that feeling, but it really is the beginning of the beginning. it is the test of whether you really will do ANYTHING to get to X, even if you don't know exactly what X is. To me it is a spiritual state of "craziness" that coaxes me to the point or surrender. I just get to a point where i say "ok..i will do whatever it takes" or either the feeling will dissapate and the real thing I want will be made clear. BUT as much as it hurts, vexes and frustrates...it will work for your good. i promise.