right now i'm doing my best to get my house organized. i'm in the middle of a major deep cleaning. apartment therapy is helping me do it.

the forest fair is this weekend and i'm going. this will be the first year that i've gone as a spectator. i decided in march that i would not have a booth this year. it was a hard decision to make, but once i did a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders. selling wares and managing a booth is hard work. a sista just wants to relax. anyway, i'm bringing lil miss and the trip will be a mini getaway. i can't wait to breathe the mountain air and see some old friends.

currently in love with the new danger. the block party has contributed to my current mos def marathon. i want to see and hear all things by this man.

i'm chuggin along on the ribbed stole. also working on some new hat designs. b-flywears is back in effect. i'm planning on a site relaunch in september. life is good.


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herisin said...

1. I also love MOS DEF and whatever he brings to the table.

2. Cnan't wait for your site relaunch. I'm a fan.