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there are two more days until i make the drive the girdwood and set up my booth. i'm very excited and can't wait to spend some time in the woods.

this weekend was spent getting to know my sewing machine. i didn't get much sewing done, but i did figure out how to oil the maching and clean the feeder dogs. i'm going to be a sewing fool very, very soon.

i really want to set up a sewing area in a corner of my living room. so i'm on a mission to find a sewing table. at the moment, i sew standing up. why? because my dining room table is too high and sitting on a couple of phone books isn't good for my back. standing isn't good for my back either, but it is the better alternative.

so for you sewers out there, are sewing tables generally expensive? is there another alternative? can i make my own?

i'm currently knitting another cable beanie. this one is going to babygirl.

happy monday. peace.

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