listening to - karma police.citizen cope on easy dread all-stars cd

i am seriously craving chili right now. i don't know why really. i found a recipe on vegweb (big ups to vegweb!!)that i think i'm going to try tonite.

i had such a great time at the fair. i instantly bonded with anutha name jacquie (she spells her name differently from mine) who spins, knits, and dyes. she can basically teach me everything i need to learn to start my little cottage industry. i bought a drop spindle from her 11 yo daughter kaitlin. kaitlin gave me a quick spinning lesson and i was hooked. i forgot to bring a knitting project to the fair so i ended up buying some roving from anutha vendor and i spun the whole weekend. tonite, jacquie is going to give me a lesson on my wheel. I AM SO EXCITED! i will take pictures tonite of my spindle and spinning works and all the other goodies i got.

take time to breathe. AND make sure you enjoy the day!

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