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the reggaefest was a huge success! i had an amazing time and met some wonderful people. i can't really put the whole experience into words. but i felt/feel so blessed. the day was definitely blessed! the wailers rocked it and was almost left with no inventory. the next fair is next weekend and i have 7 hats to make this week (got some custom orders) and then i have a week to replenish my inventory. i'm going to be busy.

babygirl sold two hats and a scarf. she's working on some things for the next fair. i am totally amazed by my daughter's talent. everytime she shows me something she's working on, i feel like crying. she's 14 and her skills will only keep progressing. i'm very thankful for my girls.

man, have a great day. i mean it.

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TruEssence said...

I am so glad that the reggaefest was a success for you! I knew it would be! It is so cool that your daughter is taking after you!She learned for the best! Much respect sis!:)