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my tummy hurts. my back does too. i was reunited with my very first chiropractor on monday. he's awesome! but after seeing him three days this week, my poor back is in so much discomfort (my discomfort than pain). he tells me to say, "i welcome the adjustment" cuz i'm always complaining and whining after every "back-crack". he's right i guess. i am trying to live in a state of positivity.

anyway, i went to a new yarn store last nite. saw my new friend jacquie and got my spinning lesson. i was kickin' major ass!!! i can use my wheel now! turns out jacquie has the same wheel so she was able to show me how to set it up and tell me what i was missing. meeting her has definitely been a blessing. i am so thankful.

i really want to knit something special just for me. i realized last nite that i haven't knit or crocheted much in a very long time. i picked up the new knitscene and want to knit a few sweaters. i also started back to knitting cookie a's pomatomus. i just wanna challenge myself more with my knitting (and crocheting).

i'm off to lunch with a friend. enjoy the day.

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