tha forest fair was awesome. i sold a lot of stuff and met a lot of great ppl. i needed that weekend in tha woods. it did wonders for my spirit. i was able to trade a few things. trading is so much fun. i got a really beautiful handknit scarf, an hour massage (that was a blessing), a couple crocheted purses, and a beautiful hemp bag. i'm glad i got tha opportunity to b apart of that. i was kinda surprised @ what sold and what didn't. i made a lot of crowns (big hats for dreads) knowing there would b a lot of dreads @ tha fair. tha skullies sold like crazy. most of tha dreads wanted smaller hats. lesson learned. sara and i have already talked 'bout workin togetha next year. we will have a lot more stuff made. my 50-sumthin hats weren't enuff for tha two days. i have a few orders to fill. once i get those finished, i can re.focus on knitting and getting those projects outta tha way. i hope everybody is well. peace to u.

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