tha montera muffler is almost finished. tha rambling rows baby jacket is almost finished. i made a hat over tha weekend. royal blue lamb's pride w/ lime green reynold's lite lopi. i'm goin to put a pompom on it. i found a place to showcase my wears. well actually, it found me. it's amazing how connected ppl r to each otha. i met this woman a couple of years ago thru a mutual friend. i didn't know she was into beading and had a business selling her stuff (amazing stuff). i came across her booth @ tha solstice festival and was blown away by her jewelry. we talked and i told her 'bout what i was doing, and w/o even seeing my stuff she said she'd sell them outta her studio. i then see her @ tha saturday market over tha weekend and she asked me to come check out her studio. i did yesterday and it was so beautiful. it was full of art from all over tha world. turns out her whole family are artists and they all do sumthin different. it felt good to b 'round so much creativity. we ate black cherries and did our crafty things in tha sunshine. i bought a couple of necklaces from her and she gave me some info on upcoming shows. isn't that cool?

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