to scream as loud as possibly can
my girls to be proud of me
to build sandcastles
to learn how to surf (been watching "step into liquid" a lot this week)
write a book
plant a garden
to make soap and candles
to perform on stage
to run a marathon (hi monica)
learn capoeira

::: i'm having a moment....twiddling my thumbs until i can leave work, pick up the kids, and head home.


Queen T said...

BUTTA!!!!!!!!! it's wonderful to feel you on line again. thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. things are going well and i look forward to seeing you more...

monica said...

hey girl!!! finally made my way over here. glad to see you bloggin'. i've been slackin' on the entries myself. i like the idea of your list. i should make one. oh, and you will run a marathon, and i will help you in any way i can. how's the gym goin'? picked a 5k yet???