my days consist of answering to "mom" every 2 seconds and asking, "do you have to tee tee?" ahh, the joys of potty training.

so, after spending a wonderful saturday afternoon with my girl d, i told her about my rebecca sweater that's been in my closet for the last three years. all it needs is a lil blocking, some sewing together, and a cowl neck. that's it. d told me i had to finish it and ya know, she's right. i rented that harold and kumar movie and sewed until my knees couldn't take anymore. i managed to get a sleeve and the shoulders seams done. i'm hoping to get started on the cowl this weekend.

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Queen T said...

can't wait to see it. i am getting back on the crafty side of hings (probably will do a separate crafty-ish blog). things have been so busy that most of the yarn that I have still looks like bthey just came from the store. i will have to sell a lot of it away before i leave.