what should i eat for dinner? baked potato and yummy spinach or lentils w/ carrots and potatoes? potato and spinach only because it'll cook faster. *sigh*

about a month ago i embarked on the master cleanser diet. i did 4 1/2 days (of the 10)and lost 8lbs, got clearer skin, more energy, lost my addiction to sugar and caffeine (pepsi!!)and the best sleep ever. a sista was feeling the best ever. alas, today i fell off the wagon. 3 pepsis. 3. i've been wondering what triggers my pepsi binges...stress mostly. i gotta get back on the water. the fast helped me realize that i tend to eat out of boredom and comfort. i plan on bringing in the new year junk free. i will complete the full 10 days.

i haven't been knitting much because homework is consuming me. since i don't have much money around the holidays, i try and make my girfts. looks like that won't be happening. i should've gotten started two months ago. oh well, maybe i'll just make some cards.

the artist's way-have you read it?

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