hello world.

i'm going to make this for babygirl (who is looking like a young woman nowadays - *sigh*). she is going to freak when she sees it. that scarf has "punk" written all over it.

it's been forever and a day since i last wrote on this joint, but a sista's been preoccupied. school has taken over my life in more ways than one. it kinda took me by surprised. i don't have much time to knit or crochet and i don't like that too much.

the days have gotten a lot shorter and it's hella cold. i decided while walking downtown in the cold (and wind!!) that i really needed a hat. i'm making one tonite.

peace to all.

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Hanifa said...

I'm so glad! I was hoping you'd start doing your blog again. I'm excited to see how your hat comes out. Thanx for the shout out girlie! I'm gonna link back to you. It's too late to start a garter edging on that scarf but it's good advice for the next one, I put a towel over it and ironed it, flatened out nicely! It'll curl again tho.