happy new year!

i am very excited about this year. i've got so many good things planned and i can't wait to embark on them.

i made a few resolutions:
1. have more fun with my wardrobe.
2. use my food processor more
3. say yes more

i've fallen into a rut with my wardrobe and that's gonna change. i haven't been feeling too fly lately and i've gained my weight back so needless to say i haven't felt inspired to create new outfits from my wardrobe.

i made fresh guacomole yesterday and realized if i leave my food processor out on the counter instead of in a cabinet, i will use it a lot more.

i must say yes more often. yes to new opportunities. this year is about having fun and discovering new things.

i'm currently working on my office/studio space. i've been watching a lot of threadbanger and have the urge to sew.

i'm always inspired by the artists they interview. i want to make a loom now too. check the vid!

wishing you all peace and prosperity this year!

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