everyday i wonder how much more i can take. on most days i feel: suffocated, beat down, hopeless, tired, and unsure. but then i'll see two swallows playing with each other while in flight or hear my daughter's laugh and i feel better.

but really though. when will the financial struggle end? the next several months will prove to be difficult. i will be working my full-time job, going to school, and possibly be working a part-time job (in addition to being creative and selling my works?) now i realize there are single mamas out there doing that and then some, but i just wonder how? it seems impossible.

i'm learning to breathe. i'm taking deep breaths to help ease the panic. i'm praying. i give thanks and take time out to appreciate the things around me.

it's gonna get better. it just has to.

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Breath of Light said...

Stay up sis. I don't think any of us know exactly how we do/did it. But I will say that I personally find comfort in my creativity. It allows me to get away for awhile. I've been just meditating on the things that I want. The way I want them to play out... And my prayer is they work out that way. I wish you much strength, energy and creativity over these next few months.